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Carcoustics provides products for luxury SUV vehicle

Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV Source: Mercedes-Benz ® Mercedes-Benz Group Media

Carcoustics is glad to provide acoustical optimization for the engine bay area and gear box of the new luxury vehicle Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV. After already having delivered parts for the former Mercedes-Benz GLC model, also in the new Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, produced from 2022, there are included the Carcoustics engine hood absorber, tunnel absorber and damping wheelhouse front. The parts are produced at the Carcoustics plants in Wroclaw (Poland) and Haldensleben (Germany) and delivered to the German Mercedes-Benz plants in Sindelfingen and Bremen. Moreover, the acoustically effective parts are also produced in the Carcoustics Langfang plant (China) and from there delivered to Beijing. Carcoustics is proud to be able to bring added acoustic value to the passengers‘ driving experience by reducing sound coming from the engine bay area and gear box.